Sunday, September 5, 2010

Travel Art - Colour

Before there was marriage and mortgage payments and all the other expensive things that come with being an adult, my husband and I (admittedly more Chris than me) had the aim of traveling the world. I've been a few places but Chris has been to a lot more. And happily he's a really good photographer who chronicles his journeys on film (or what the digital equivalent of film is!).

Chris may be good with a camera but I'm great at photo editing and together we've turned his pictures into framed art that hangs in our home. We have dreams of one day showing in a gallery and selling our photos and so we are working on a portfolio. I wanted to share some of the photos here. The theme of tonight's entry is Colour.

These pictures were taken in Berlin, Germany in 2006.

These three were taken in Lucknow, India in 2004.

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