Sunday, September 12, 2010


As you might remember from my previous post, I had some big baking plans for this weekend. My intention was to make Snickerdoodles, Nanaimo Bars and Challah. As it turns out I finished 2 for 3 because my back gave out on me and I woke up this morning struggling to get out of bed. But no mind, Challah will wait for next weekend and I had great success with the other two recipes. First up, Snickerdoodles!

I used a recipe from chef Michael Smith. Snickerdoodles are a pretty basic cookie made mostly of sugar and butter and then rolled in a mix of cinnamon and sugar. I actually splurged this weekend and bought actual butter since I was going to the grocery store specifically to buy baking ingredients. The cookies don't really taste very different from any other Snickerdoodles I've made so I'm not sure if butter really made a difference or not. In any event, these cookies are really good!

They are really easy to put together. Michael Smith instructs you to mix the ingredients with a stand mixer but my husband was out and my stand mixer is too heavy for me to carry up from the basement. So instead I just used a fork and mixed by hand. I know this makes them less fluffy and a little more dense than if I used a mixer but I prefer a denser cookie anyway and I don't think these suffered at all from being mixed by hand. Once you have all the ingredients together you just roll the dough into balls and then roll them through the cinnamon and sugar mixture. The recipe says to place them two inches apart and I think I put them a little too close together since they spread a lot which left me somewhat square cookies. Circle or square, they still taste awesome and I can't wait to take some into work tomorrow for all the ladies to try!

Tomorrow night I'll be writing about Nanaimo Bars so make sure you check back!

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