Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Gift Wrap in Action

So now a confession. My first gift wrap post was really just a substitute for what I really wanted to post: actual presents that I wrapped last night! We had a bridal shower dinner for my lovely friend Daphne tonight but it was a surprise so I couldn't post the pictures in case she happened to be reading. So instead I went searching for gift wrap inspiration (still a useful post!). But now, going completely against the spirit of the thrifty ideas I showed you yesterday, here's what a trip to Hallmark, a few curse words and a lot of "Honey, can I borrow your finger for a second?" will get you.
(I really wish I was more skilled with a camera as these pictures don't really do everything justice)


  1. These pictures do it justice for sure! They look amazing! My new goal is to put more effort into wrapping presents - I'm brutal!

  2. They look AWESOME Sarah!!!! :) You did a wonderful job!