Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Today was a beautifully sunny day and, as luck would have it, my husband and I both had the day off  work! 

We started the morning with a trip to Roadshow's 400 Antiques Mall, one of Canada's largest antique malls that just happens to be right here in Innisfil. Chris and I can spend hours wandering through all the booths. I love the jewelry and glassware and he gravitates towards the military paraphernalia. We generally tend to be window shoppers since all the best stuff is pretty expensive but today I decided to splurge a bit when I found this beautiful blue teardrop pitcher. It's called a teardrop pitcher because of the shape of the design and it catches the light in a really neat way. I have it set on the side table in our living room where the sun will hit it in the afternoons. It's empty at the moment but I think it would look fantastic with flowers in it.

When we finished at the antiques mall it was on to a little roadside stand that Chris had discovered where they are selling gourds and pumpkins of all sizes. We picked up quite a collection. The pumpkins are currently lining our front porch and the gourds are my dining table centrepiece. When our flowers die outside I'll be using the gourds to create the fall planters that I previously wrote about.

When we arrived home I was excited to see that the flowers have all starting blooming on my pot of fall mums. The pot sits at the bottom of our front steps and really adds some colour to our front yard.

My plan for the afternoon was to make Challah but we decided to have my parents over for dinner and I just didn't have the four hours required to make it. Instead I used a bread maker to make the Basic White recipe in the instruction manual. This was my first time ever using a bread maker and, at first, it totally felt like cheating. I really felt like all that kneading and waiting for things to rise made the bread better but I might be a convert since the bread maker process is just so easy: just throw the ingredients in, press start and wait for bread! I still think the "made from scratch by hand" stuff is superior but I will definitely be using the bread maker again. I even found a bread maker Challah recipe! In any case, the Basic White was a big hit at dinner and I am really looking forward to my sandwich for tomorrow's lunch.

All in all, a fabulous day. Hope you had a great weekend too :)

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  1. I have never been to this antique mall! I'll have to make the trip one of these days!