Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Gift Wrap

I am a total geek for a nicely wrapped present. I'm talking the kind so pretty you hate to even unwrap them. The only thing about really pretty presents is that I find myself spending a lot of money to create them. Paper, ribbon and toppers all add up really quickly, especially when you're like me and don't want to use the same stuff twice in case people recognize it (OK that might just be me on my own!). So lately I've been on the hunt for gift wrapping ideas that are friendly on the wallet but are still really nice to look at.

This first idea is from d.Sharp. She has used a vintage house number but you could cut out your own numbers and letters or use chipboard like the kind in my post about I wrote about in a previous post. I like the "4U" message but you could use the person's initials too.

Following in the theme of letters is this idea from Bugs and Fishes (a super cute blog!). She's just printed the alphabet and cut out all the letters to use as templates. Then she traces them on different coloured papers and writes messages on her presents. You can use these letters to spell the recipient's name in place of a tag or you can write a message. So easy and practically free!

Also from Bugs and Fishes is the idea of using brooches instead of bows to decorate your presents. They are really a part of the gift and brighten up even the plainest of paper. She even has a tutorial on her blog for making this felt heart brooch.

The last two ideas are from Heather Bullard's beautiful blog. The first is using maps to wrap your gifts. This is something I never would have thought of but now that I see it done I think it looks amazing. We always pick up maps on our travels and it would be so neat to wrap gifts for my husband in maps of places we've been together.

Heather's other great idea is to wrap gifts in old sewing patterns. You can usually get these really cheap from places like Value Village or you could go really vintage and look at antique markets. Her bow is made from patterns as well (she links to a how-to video in her post) and then she's clothes pinned buttons on the front. So simple yet so beautiful.

I'm officially inspired and can't wait to try out some of these ideas. Hope you are too!

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