Friday, September 17, 2010

Fun Halloween Finds

I was killing time at my local Winners tonight and found myself in their home decor section. I was really excited to see that they had a ton of really great autumn and Halloween stuff. I fell in love with a gorgeous set of pumpkin shaped serving dishes in fall colours, a great big bowl that stood on witches feet and some sparkly decorative balls in black and purple. Had my budget been unlimited I would have bought many items but as that's not the case I knew I had to choose just one thing to purchase.

And here it is, my new ghost cookie jar!

Isn't he cute?? And only $16.99! I'm just sad that it's too early to display him. After all, Halloween is still a month and a half away. That hasn't stopped me from thinking about the fun Halloween cookies that I will fill him with when the time comes. So far I'm either thinking it'll be Chocolate Shortbread or Bats and Cobwebs (both courtesy of Martha Stewart). Maybe I'll just have to bake some of both!

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