Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall Planter

You might remember that I posted a while back about some ideas for outdoor fall decor. Well today I decided that the flowers in the planter on our front porch had seen better days and that it was time to repurpose the box into a planter fit for fall!

I pulled out all the flowers and greenery on the surface of the planter but I didn't worry much about the roots or the soil because I needed something to build on top of anyway. We'd been to Walmart today where I'd purchased a package of 10 fabric fall leaves for $1.50 as well as a garland of fall leaves and berries for $5.00. I lined the planter with the loose leaves, leaving them hanging over the edges. Then I put my pumpkins and gourds from last Sunday into the planter, taking care to make sure that there was something holding down each of the leaves (don't want to lose them when the wind picks up!). Lastly, I wrapped the garland all around the outside of the planter.

I'm pleased with the result but unfortunately, our porch is rather high so you can't really see much besides the leaves and pumpkins when you're down on the lawn or driving past. I took the picture below standing in the middle of the yard. I still think it looks nice but I'm disappointed that so much of it is wasted. I think my next purchase will be an urn that I can put down at the bottom of our front steps so that people can see all of the contents. In the meantime, the planter is still pretty even when you can only see the leaves. And it gives our porch a colourful touch of fall!

Just a note, I likely won't be posting tomorrow. We're going down to see the Jays vs. the Yankees and it'll probably be a late night. But I'll be back on Tuesday so be sure to visit then :)

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