Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Toddler Crafts

This is something entirely new for this blog as I don't yet have any children but I do know some mommys looking for crafts to do with their little ones so I did some googling and some brainstorming and came up with a few ideas.

First, let your little one help you decorate the house for fall with a hand print wreath! All you have to do is trace his or her hand onto various pieces of fall coloured construction paper. Then you cut the hand print leaves out and have your child help you glue or tape them together into a circle. Voila, a fabulous fall wreath! You can let your child colour on the leaves before you attach them or they can cover it with stickers. The end result could look something like this. You could also easily adapt this for Christmas, just switch out the colours.

Second, there's pudding paint! Not for the faint of heart as it can be really messy but also really fun. Simply mix food colouring into little containers of vanilla pudding, cover up anything you don't want pudding smeared on, put down some paper and let your little one go to town. They can use brushes or you can just let them paint with their hands. You needn' t worry about anything getting into little mouths and pudding washes out of hair pretty easily :)

Last, I think paper plate masks make for a fun and really cute craft. Cut eye and mouth holes into a paper plate and then let your child colour anything they like onto it. I know toddlers like stickers and they can use those for this project as well. If they want their mask to be an animal then you can help them by attaching ears or whiskers. When they're finished either attach a string so they can wear the mask or a glue a Popsicle stick to the bottom so they can hold the mask to their face. You can search "paper plate mask" in Google Images and get all kinds of cute results to inspire you.

If anyone tries any of these ideas with their little ones I hope you'll share the results!

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