Friday, September 10, 2010

Displaying Wedding Pictures

My husband and I will have been married for three months as of this weekend and I still haven't gotten around to printing and displaying any of our wedding pictures. I'm so happy with how our photos turn out and I'll really like to put some up in the house so I've been looking for ideas of how to display them.

I really love the idea of a picture ledge as we could incorporate artifacts from the wedding day in addition to framed pictures. I saved quite a few things that are currently living in a box in our spare room closet and it would be nice to have them on display.

The ledges pictured here are from the blog Frugal Home Ideas and they are completely DIY. The author has posted instructions but they seem to require a handy husband which is something I'm somewhat lacking (and I can say that because I know he doesn't read this!).  I think I would probably go the Ikea route. Depending on the length you want, you can purchase their Ribba ledges for as low as $8.99! I've also been inspired by Shannon's picture ledge post over at What's Up Whimsy. I love how, in addition to what's on her ledges, she also hung smaller pictures on the wall.

If I don't go the picture ledge route I'd like to try a collage of pictures on the wall. I've contemplated this idea in the past but I would be so incredibly particular about the layout that I feel I would never be truly happy with it. Not to mention I would drive Chris crazy in the process of hanging everything! But then I found this idea from Martha Stewart (of course!). It's really ingenious in its simplicity. Simply mark a line on the wall with painter's tape and then hang all the pictures either above or below it. As long as your frames are all different sizes then you still end up with the eclectic collage feel but there's no need to stress over placement and symmetry.

The last thing I wanted to share with you tonight is this completely cute idea for displaying pictures, again from Martha Stewart's website. You'd either need to print your pictures really small or cut details out of larger pictures but then essentially all you do is glue them inside bottle caps and then glue either a magnet or a thumb tack on the back of each cap. And voila! Awesome fridge art or a really cool way to dress up a bulletin board at work. I like that I could display pictures at the office without screaming to everyone that walks by "Hey, look at my pictures!". Martha has sealed hers with clear resin but considering I'd be making them out of beer bottle caps I'm not too worried about them lasting forever.

So I guess there's no excuse for not having my pictures up somewhere. Maybe now I'll be inspired enough to actually take them to a store for printing ;)

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  1. Love, love, love the Painter's tape idea and the bottle cap idea. I've seen the bottle cap idea before and fell in love with it, but honestly forgot all about it! Thanks for reviving it!
    Martha IS the best at everything she does, oh to sit and have a coffee with her in her house!! (sigh)
    I love that you love her too! ;-)