Monday, October 11, 2010

On to Halloween!

Hope everyone in Canada had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend full of good food and family. We had our big dinner yesterday courtesy of my mom. As I've previously mentioned, I brought Sweet Potato Casserole and Oats 'n Honey Granola Pie and my plan for today's post was to share the results of both with you but sadly I forgot to take my camera to dinner last night! I did get some pictures with my parents' camera but since I don't have them here with me, those recipes will have to wait for another post. Instead, I wanted to post some pictures from around my house since I decorated for Halloween today!

I have several Halloween themed signs hanging around the house but this is the first one you see when you walk in. It's hanging in our front hall.

The newest addition to my Halloween decor is my Haunted House Luminary from Bath & Body Works. It holds one of their three wick candles; I have Caramel Apple burning in there right now and it smells amazing!

I have collected a lot of Halloween decorations over the years. So many that a bunch of stuff is still in boxes! But I can never resist hitting up Hallmark after a holiday for all of the sale stuff and I can usually count on my mom to give us some kind of decoration each year as well.

I love decorating so much that Halloween has even managed to make its way into our kitchen and our bathroom :)

I have my fall decor outside but I haven't done anything Halloween on our front porch yet. I'm saving that for Halloween weekend but I'll be sure to share then! What do you think? Is this overkill? Do you decorate your home for Halloween? Please feel free to share your decor pictures on the Sugar and Shimmer Facebook page and then come back tomorrow to check out my Halloween Chocolate Shortbread!

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  1. Looks great, I love it!
    Personally Halloween has always been my favourite holiday until very recently... now that I have children Christmas and Halloween are tied. I too have lots of decorations for Halloween. I have to get decorating - your post has inspired me to drag the decor out! :-)