Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Creepcakes

Halloween is nearly upon us so I wanted to share my Halloween baking project from last year, Creepcakes! I took the idea from Martha Stewart's awesome Cupcakes book.

They were really easy to make but they look impressive. Simply bake any type of cupcake you like, tint buttercream icing in fun Halloween colours and then make faces out of candy.

I went to the Bulk Barn for all of my candy since you only need a small amount of each type. I bought licorice, marshmallows, jelly beans, mini chocolate chips, silver dragees, candy corn and a bunch of other kinds. I copied some of my faces straight from Martha's book but others I invented based on the candies I had on hand. You really can't do them wrong!

For some of them, I cut the tops off, iced the base, added some candy teeth and then put the tops back on to create a mouth.

This one was my favourite. I just might have to whip up another batch this year!

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