Friday, October 22, 2010

Bulk Barn Love & A New Design!

Notice anything different? I've redesigned the blog! My original template was pretty but I just never felt like it was completely me. Today I had the down time necessary to play with a bunch of different colours and backgrounds until I settled on what you see here. I am in love. What do you think?

Speaking of love, I made a trip to Bulk Barn tonight and was reminded all over again how much I love that store! For those outside of Canada, Bulk Barn is an incredible bulk food store that carries an impressive number of products. If they sell it in bulk then chances are you can buy it at Bulk Barn; I'm talking everything from chocolate to vitamins to dog food. Additionally, they also have a great selection of baking and candy making products at a much lower price than you'll find them anywhere else. If you've never been then take a minute to browse through their product listing and you'll be looking for the one closest to you!

I stopped at Bulk Barn tonight on my way home from work to get supplies for a couple of ideas I've got brewing. First, I bought what I need to have another go at my cake pops. I got orange melting wafers ($4 for way more than I'll likely need) and black sprinkles ($0.46) to make them Halloween themed. Then I bought the sticks I had forgotten the first time around  ($2.69 for 50) as well as a Styrofoam dummy cake ($2.89) to stick them in so they dry without any flat sides. Thanks for the tip, Michelle!

Next I bought purple melting wafers (again $4 for more than I will probably need) and a candy cup mold ($3.29) so I can to make some of Bakerella's Cupcake Bites. Go check them out on her site, they are adorable!

Last but not least, I bought a giant bag of candy corn ($5.85). I didn't really have an idea in mind for what I'd do with it, besides feed it to my husband, but he says I've bought way more than he can possibly eat so now I'm brainstorming projects for them.

At the end of it all, I spent $20 and walked out with a bag full of great stuff. It's too late to get into the kitchen tonight but I can't wait to start tomorrow!

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