Saturday, October 16, 2010

DIY Nursery Decorations

It's fun being the person that people go to for DIY and craft ideas; it makes me feel like I'm doing my job well with this blog! This week I had Nadia (who I made yesterday's diaper cake for) ask me for ideas for inexpensive decor for her baby's room. And I had a few!

First, for a twist on a previous post I wrote about framing fabric, I suggested cutting the letters of the baby's name out of paper and then framing each one over pretty fabric. You could choose a busy fabric and then cut the letters out of white paper or you could use a more subtle fabric and create the letters out of colourful scrapbooking paper. Depending on the size of the frames you choose, and the length of the baby's name, you could do this project fairly inexpensively. I found the example below on Wee Decor. They've used wooden letters instead of paper which would cost a bit more and take more time because you'd have to paint them. The end result would be pretty much the same whether you used paper or wood. I do love the way that they've hung their frames with ribbon. So cute!

Another inexpensive way to decorate a nursery is by framing pictures that you cut out of calendars or books. I have a bad habit of keeping old calendars around, convinced that I'll do something with them. Well this is the perfect something! I also love the art section at Chapters for a project like this. When my cousin Lauren was born I cut pictures of sleeping animals out of a Rachel Hale book and framed them. If you've seen Rachel's photography then you know it's perfect for a baby's room! In addition to animals, she now photographs babies. Chapters has her Baby Love book on sale for $6.99 right now!

My last suggestion for decorating a baby's room is wall decals. You can purchase really inexpensive sticker versions at the Dollar Store. They are really cute but I don't know how well they would stick over the long term or whether they would be easy to remove when you were through with them. For a better quality version, I recommend heading over to Etsy. There are vinyl decals available in every price range, from $8 for a family of super cute rabbits from sixunderatree (they will make them any colours you want!) all the way up to $185 for a full safari scene from designedDESIGNER (also customizable!).

Do you have any other DIY baby decor ideas you can share?


  1. Sarah! Great blog, I really enjoy checking it out. I wanted to add the DIY nursery decor that we did. I went to the dollar store and picked three small frames. Two the same and one different (all baby blue). I then put my ultrasound pictures in each one and hung them on the wall in the nursery.
    I could in the future swap them for pictures once our baby comes or leave them as they are great to look back on when my pregnancy is over!

  2. Thanks, Karen!
    Love your idea of disaplying your ultrasound pictures too!