Friday, October 8, 2010

Thanksgiving Place Cards

If you're hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year then you'll likely be spending a a ton of time and effort in the kitchen getting all of the food ready. I've never made a turkey dinner myself but I know it can takes hours to put it all together. That's why you need DIY table decor that's super quick and easy to put together! I know that not everyone cares as much about centrepieces and coordinating place mats as I do but I still think that you can impress your guests with place cards. I've got a few ideas that take hardly any effort to create.

First, these paper pumpkins are really cute and wouldn't take much effort to put together. All you need is paper strips to form the pumpkin, a bit of wire for the stem and a cut out of a leaf to write the guest's name on. You can buy kits from Paper Source but I think it's a much better idea to just go to your local Dollar Store and purchase a pad of construction paper. Same end result!

Don't like that idea? Well then maybe while you're busy making dinner you can get your kids to help with the place cards. Just trace their hands, cut them out, and have them turn each handprint into a turkey like the ones below that I found on Nick Jr. This is such a simple and cute idea that any crafty kid would love. And it's sure to impress your guests :)

This last idea is for when you're really pressed for time. It doesn't get much easier than tying a piece of paper with your guests name to the stem of a piece of fruit but the result still looks impressive. Chances are you'll have all the materials for these place cards already in your house. This lovely idea comes from Martha Stewart.

What do you think? And will you be making place cards or other Thanksgiving table decor this year? I'd love to hear your ideas.

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  1. I'm not hosting Thanksgiving this year, so I won't be making any place cards, but if I was, I would make those first ones - they are adorable!

    Happy Thanksgiving Sarah!