Friday, February 18, 2011

Weekend Antique Hunting

Here in Ontario we're gearing up for a long weekend (Monday is Family Day) and I'm excited to go antiquing on Sunday with my husband. I'm on the look out for specific items because I've got two crafts in mind - both Martha inspired.

First, I'll be looking for old glass bottles that I can turn into this...

These bottles are painted inside with white enamel that turns them different shades of green depending on the tint of the glass. I'm in love! Click here for the really easy how to.

Second, I'll be looking for old postcards, envelopes or advertisements that I can turn into this...

Our home really needs more art and this is such a great way to achieve it. Click here for tips on how to blow up pictures to poster size.

Wish me luck with my search - hopefully I'll have some results to share with you soon. Happy Weekend!


  1. I love the idea of turning vintage envelopes/postcards into posters. I wish you luck in your search. If you can't find any you should check out Stampington's new e-crafting site - I know they have some scans of vintage elements there that might work for you. Enjoy your antiquing adventure.

  2. Hey Sarah. Where oh where are you going antique hunting? I love the idea of blowing up old envelopes!

  3. Great idea with the bottles..... going out lookig for them :)