Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day Cards

Ok, ok, I know that Valentine's Day is over but I really wanted to show you the cards that I made this year - mostly to show you how little time and few supplies you need to make cards. And I promise that this will be the last Valentine entry for the year ;)

I made two cards this year. The first was for my parents.

I started with a white card with some embossing around the edges. I bought these 8 for $1 at my local dollar store! Next I glued on a piece of scrapbooking paper that was all pinks and reds in a striped pattern. On top of that I layered two squares of cardstock (from one of those big variety packs) and finished with the XO stickers in the centre and a layered heart sticker in the corner. And that's it! One card, three small pieces of paper/cardstock and two stickers and I think it's quite pretty. Click on the picture for a bigger view.

The second card was for my husband.

Like many men, he's not really into pink and frilly so this is my "manly" Valentine's Day card. I started with a red card made of textured cardstock. I had cut the heart out of that piece of brown paper for another project (and kept the scrap because I never throw paper away!) so I stuck a scrap of polka-dotted paper behind it and then glued it down to the card. The "my valentine" is a sticker from a sheet that I bought on sale for a couple of dollars and then I wrote the "To:" with a red marker.

So I used a cardstock card, two scraps of paper, one sticker and a red marker. It doesn't get easier than that and Chris really liked it.

The best part is that I probably saved my self around $8 by making cards instead of buying them. Do you make your own cards?

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