Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Party Perfect - Thomas the Train Cake

Last Saturday my friend's son turned 2 and I was asked to make the birthday cake. Andrew is crazy about Thomas and trains so his mom asked if I could make a train themed cake. This is what I came up with!

I made a two layer vanilla cake and some homemade buttercream icing. I tinted most of the icing green and iced the whole cake with it. I then traced a 2 into the icing with a toothpick and piped green grass all around it and down the sides of the cake.

Once my grass was finished I filled in the 2 with brown sugar that I patted down gently and then I used pieces of black string licorice to make it into a train track.

I tinted my remaining icing blue and used it to pipe a waterfall down one side of the cake. I decorated the edge of it with chocolate rocks.

The final touch was to dip the tip of a sugar cone in white chocolate and let it drip down a bit to make a snow capped mountain.

If you're wondering where Thomas is, we just used a toy version that the birthday boy already owned so it wasn't on the cake when I took pictures at home. Just imagine him sitting there on the track ;)

I was really pleased with the final product and everyone at the birthday party seemed to really like it too!

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