Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Party Perfect - DIY Pomanders

I'm seeing pomanders, otherwise known as kissing balls, everywhere for spring. Not only are they a unique way to bring flowers into your spring decor, they also have many uses for a wedding. I like the idea of pomanders as pew markers and as bridesmaid "bouquets". You can buy them or you can make yourself on the super cheap!

I started with some silk hydrangeas that I had leftover from my wedding. I can't remember the specific price but I know I bought them when they were 40% so they were pretty inexpensive. I cut off each individual blossom taking care to leave a piece of stem attached to each.

Next I took a big Styrofoam ball that I got for a dollar at my local dollar store and I coloured all over it with a purple marker. This step would have been way easier with paint but I didn't have any in the right colour and it doesn't really matter that the marker was a bit streaky because you won't don't see much of it in the finished product. That doesn't mean you should skip this step - I tried just attaching the flowers to the white ball and stopped halfway through because you could totally see the white.

I pinned a loop of ribbon where I wanted the top to be. Cross two pins over each other for extra strength. The next step is to take a piercing tool (or a needle or anything sharp that can make a straight skinny hole) and poke a hole into the coloured ball. Then I pushed the little bit of stem I left on one of the flowers into the hole. Easy, right? Just start filling in all over the ball with holes and then flowers. Use your bigger flowers first so you can go back and fill in gaps later with smaller blossoms.

And that's it! Super easy and each one only costs a couple of dollars. I kind of wish I had tried this before my wedding because these would have been a really pretty addition!

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