Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hurry, Spring!

I've been on the run today having special scans of my jaw joints (long story best saved for a forum other than my crafting and baking blog) and didn't really have time for a proper post but wanted to share a little bit of Spring with you in the form of some lovely pink tulips that just begged to be photographed.

I "planted" them in a vase that we picked up at the local dollar store a while back. I knew I would find a good use for it!

I think they're just the right pink to inspire thoughts of Spring. I'm told it's just around the corner.

I love that I can plant the bulbs outside and enjoy these every year that we're in this home.

And I love that they add a little sunshine in my living room.

And while repotting tulips in your kitchen is not a great idea (I am speaking from experience here)...

...beautiful flowers that make you smile when you walk into a room are definitely one of the loveliest ideas I've had a in while.

Are you counting down the days to Spring too?

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