Thursday, March 3, 2011

Magnetic Calendar - March

From the moment I saw the awesome magnetic calendars over at Clean & Scentsible I knew I had to try my own. Last night I finished March. I made it all green and St. Patrick's Day-ish. What do you think?

It was actually pretty easy and inexpensive to do but it was a bit time consuming. I used a cookie sheet from our local dollar store ($1.50) and drew the calendar grid and the days of the week on it with black marker. Then I cut squares for each of the days out of scrap paper from my collection and glued them on to squares I cut from a cereal box to give them a little more strength (who needs chipboard?!). For the numbers, I used a Cricut.

As you can see, I didn't use numbers for every day but replaced some with stickers ($2) to give it a more varied look. I also cut the "March" with the Cricut and backed it with more paper and cereal box and added a big shamrock sticker. The last step was to back everything with magnets that I bought in a big self-adhesive roll ($10) and cut into pieces. Since I used a lot of stuff I had around the house I spent about $13.50 on this project and still have more than half my magnets left.

Right now I have it sitting on a plate stand on my shelf but I think I want holes drilled in it so I can hang it on the wall with ribbon. I can't wait to get started on April!

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  1. LOVE IT, you make me jealous. I want to make one too!!!

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