Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year...

...and welcome back to Sugar and Shimmer! I've missed my little blog on my week off but while I've been away I've been coming up with some big plans for 2011. Tonight I want to share some of them with you so you know what you can look forward to for the coming year :)

The first feature I'm starting for 2011 is called By the Batch. Every Monday I'll be bringing you a new recipe from Martha Stewart's Cookies: The Very Best Treats to Bake and to Share.

I am in love with this book! I already have (and also love) Martha Stewart's Cupcakes so I was confident that Cookies would be great as well.  It has 175 different recipes organized by texture (i.e. Light & Delicate or Soft & Chewy) and the picture Table of Contents is the greatest idea for a recipe book I've seen in a long time. I've already selected my first recipe and I can't wait to post about it on Monday in my first installment of By the Batch.

Wednesday's posts will be Party Perfect. Each week I'll bring you an idea, project or inspiration that you can use for your next event. This will include themes, invitations, recipes, decor and more of the DIY projects I completed for my own wedding last June. I'll be doing my best to keep these posts timely so watch for Valentine's Day ideas to start appearing in the next couple of weeks!

My final feature for 2011 will be my In Stitches posts (cheesy title, I know,  but I couldn't resist). Every Friday I'll be posting about a needle craft (i.e.sewing or knitting). You might remember last year that I posted that I was going to learn to sew. Well that was a total bust as my online lessons proved too difficult for me right out of the gate! This month I'll be on the lookout for lessons that I can attend locally. In the meantime, I'm also going to learn to knit. I have made scarves in the past but I don't think I even remember how to cast on stitches anymore so I bought the book The Chicks with Sticks Guide to Knitting.

The book starts off really simple (I'm talking the difference between straight and circular needles simple) and then leads you through more than 30 projects from simple dish clothes all the way to hooded sweaters. I don't think I'll manage a project a week but I will share my progress with you as I go. If you're interested in learning to knit, you might want to consider picking up the book yourself (only about $15 from Amazon) and we can learn together! I'm really looking forward to making this pretty envelope bag.

The other change to my schedule is that I'll now be posting from Monday to Friday and taking the weekends off. I'm creative but a new project 7 days a week was getting to be a bit much even for me! Obviously I'm scheduling a few days of the week but Tuesdays and Thursdays will still be grab bag style days where I'll post anything else I'm working on or being inspired by. I hope you'll like the new schedule and that you'll find something here for you!

The last thing that I wanted to point out to you is the handy little Amazon widget I've added to the right hand side of the blog. See it over there? I've added links to all of the books I've mentioned on Sugar and Shimmer as well as a few of the products I've blogged about. Clicking on any of the titles will take you directly to Amazon in case you'd like to purchase something I've written about.

And I think that covers it all! I'm really excited about the coming months and I hope that you'll keep coming back to Sugar and Shimmer as we make our way through 2011 :)

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