Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Party Perfect - DIY Seating Chart

Today marks the first installment of my new Party Perfect feature where I'll be showing you ideas and inspiration for all the events in your life, big and small. Today's project is a super simple DIY seating chart. I used mine for my wedding but you could make these for any event that you want to have a seating chart for. This project is actually so simple I feel a little silly posting about it but hopefully it will inspire someone.

Originally I had big plans for my seating chart. I wanted to make a fancy ribbon version (Google it, they're pretty!) but it was one of the projects that I put off until just days before the wedding when time and money were running short. I had registered for and received a multi-photo frame and decided it would make as good a seating chart as any! So I printed my table lists onto cardstock that I had leftover from making my invitations and cut them into 4x6 and 6x4 pieces to fit inside the various frames.

Because I had extra space I added a card with our names and wedding date and then also included a current picture and ones of us as kids. You could also frame a copy of your program or your invitation, or pictures of your wedding party. If you have a big wedding with a lot of tables, or you want to include more photos and such, then you could always have more than one frame and just stand them together. 

And I think the best part about this seating chart is that after the event is over you can replace the lists with pictures and make it into a keepsake. Ours is now full of wedding pictures and will hang in our home (photos by the lovely and talented Fotogirl) as soon as I can get Chris to put some nails in the wall for me ;)

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  1. What a great idea Sarah! I definitely wouldn't have thought of that!

    And thanks for getting me that link to DesignSponge earlier on my post. I was trying to figure out where I originally saw that kitchen and couldn't remember for the life of me! You're the best!