Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Party Perfect: Valentine's Day Tissue Paper Pom-Poms & Flowers

I really hadn't intended to start on Valentine's Day projects this early but I stopped at my local dollar store tonight and was seduced by red, pink and heart shaped. I've got all kinds of ideas so it probably doesn't hurt to start early! Tonight's project is tissue paper pom-poms and flowers that can be used as Valentine's Day party centrepieces or wall decor.

This project is very similar to the napkin flowers I posted about last fall. Martha Stewart sells a kit for making these but you definitely don't need it since they are so easy to make. All you need is tissue paper, pipecleaners and scissors which means you can make several flowers for only a couple of dollars.

Start with 8 sheets of tissue paper placed on top of each other. Cut them in quarters for small flowers, in half for medium or leave them whole for the jumbo versions. I prefer the medium size so I usually cut them in half.

Fold the tissue paper accordion style from end to end. Secure the centre of your paper with a pipe cleaner. You could use a twist tie or string but I find that pipe cleaners are the best because they give you something to hold on to later in the process.

Next cut the ends of the tissue in either round or triangular shapes. Unfan your accordion so that you can start to pull apart the tissue layers.

The last step is to pull the layers apart one at a time. If you're making a pom-pom then  pull 4 layers in one direction and the other 4 the opposite way. If you're making a flower you'll want a flatter bottom so pull all the layers in one direction. You can hold on to the pipe cleaner while you separate the layers. When I'm finished I usually shake the whole thing by the pipe cleaner to make the layers fall more evenly and then I adjust until it looks well rounded. And that's it!

It's really easy to make the flowers into centrepieces.

You can put one flower into a pretty bowl...

...or line up a few in a basket...

....or just place a jumbo flower directly on the table.

If you'd rather hang them on the wall then you'll want to use pom-poms. Attach two by tying either end of a piece of ribbon to the pipe cleaners and then hang the ribbon on a nail or wrap it over a doorknob.

Voila! Super easy and really inexpensive Valentine's Day decor. Be sure to visit again for more V day ideas as we make our way to February 14 :)

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  1. I made those too! They are so fun. I have a ton of them hanging over my dining room table for a valentine's brunch.