Saturday, November 6, 2010

Winter Wreath - Attempt #1

This last week Michaels had some great sales on some of their newly displayed holiday items. Last Monday I posted that I had bought an evergreen wreath ($7.99) and then on Friday I picked up some wintry blue ribbon (40% off so it was only $8.99) and some holiday picks (all 50% off so only $0.50 each!). Today I tried to turn it all into a winter wreath that we can display on our door now (since my husband says it's too early for Christmas decorations). I like how it turned out but I'm not completely sold. Chris thinks it needs more to make it look finished but I'm not sure if that's the problem or not. I've got it hung up inside the door for now, hoping that inspiration will strike. Your feedback and suggestions are definitely welcome!

Chris and I were both off work today so I took the opportunity to drag him out to do a little Christmas decor shopping. We went to Bradford Greenhouses, a local business that turns their entire store into a Christmas showroom full of beautiful decor in every colour scheme you could think of. I had to restrain myself from buying up a ton of things (well maybe Chris had to restrain me). We also hit up Canadian Tire for outdoor lights. I wanted green and red lights and couldn't believe how hard they were to find. All other stores had, besides single colours, was the assorted jewel colours and, to me, blue and orange just aren't right for Christmas lights. Thanks goodness for Canadian Tire. Next it was on to Home Depot where they are selling Martha Stewart Living decorations at really reasonable prices. We bought a 101 piece set for $21.99. I can't wait to decorate our tree!

The deal in our house is that Christmas decorations can officially go up as of December 1. I have to tell you that, after today, the countdown is on!

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