Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fresh Winter Window Box

Tonight I went with my mom to Bradford Greenhouses (the awesome store I posted about here) to watch a demonstration on creating fresh window boxes for winter. I forgot my camera but the finished product looked a lot like this (minus the snow!)

I've really wanted to make one of these but I wasn't really sure what to buy or how to put it together. In case you've been wanting to make one too, I'll break it down for you. It's actually incredibly easy!

You'll need an empty planter or window box, floral foam, waterproof tape, a variety of evergreen boughs and any other additional decorations that you want to add.

First, fill your empty planter with wet floral foam. Make sure to really soak it as you'll need it stay wet to keep your boughs fresh. Tape it down into the planter with a generous amount of waterproof tape so it doesn't lift out of your planter when the wind picks up. It should look similar to this:

Next, cut pieces off a Douglas Fir bough and begin sticking them into your foam. It's best to start with Douglas Fir as it will keep its shape and provide support to the other types of greenery you'll add later. Use larger pieces all around the outside of the planter and add smaller pieces on top. Keep sticking in pieces until the foam is mostly covered.

Follow the Douglas Fir pieces with Pine and then Cedar. These three types leave you with a nice variety of texture and colour. Keep sticking in pieces until your planter is as full as you'd like.

Last, take your other decor and attach it to leftover sticks from your evergreen boughs. Tonight they created a big bow and attached it to a stick with floral wire and added some pine cones on sticks. There's a really easy bow tutorial on the Michaels website here.

And that's it. You've created a beautiful fresh window box perfect for the holiday season in just a few easy steps. We bought all the supplies tonight so I'll be making my planter this weekend. I'll be sure to share some pictures :)

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