Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Thanksgiving Table Decor

From what I can tell the majority of my readers are located in the US so this post may seem a bit early but, here in Canada, Thanksgiving is nearly upon us. In fact, it’s this coming Monday! So before we get to the big day I wanted to share a couple of simple suggestions for table decor or centerpieces. The nice thing is that both of these displays are already part of my fall decor so you get some bang for your buck by creating these centerpieces and then using them for a month or more in the dining room or living room.

Cake Stand Pumpkins Centrepiece 

For this one, start with a cake stand and then add leaves and pumpkins. That’s it! My pumpkins are fake (I bought them on clearance after Halloween last year) but you can use real pumpkins if you prefer. You can paint them to look shiny and metallic like mine or you can just leave them au naturel. My leaves are fabric but if you’ve got a tree in your yard then go ahead and gather up some real ones! Cover your cake stand with leaves, making sure there’s some overhang, and then place the pumpkins on top.

Bushel Basket Centrepiece

This one is even easier – it’s just a bushel basket that I filled with fall themed potpourri. It’s mostly leaves with some pinecones and pumpkins mixed in. Again, if you wanted to use the real thing you could gather most of these elements outside. For me, I’d rather have fake because I get nervous about insects. I bought this mix on sale at Michaels a few years ago and, because I seal it up every year when the season ends, it still smells so good!

These centerpieces are easy to scale up or down as well. Having a lot of people at a large table? Use a big basket and stuff the bottom with tea towels so you don’t need to use as much filling. Just your family of 4? Opt for an 8 inch cake stand instead of a 12 inch and choose gourds instead of larger pumpkins. Simple as that :)

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