Saturday, October 6, 2012

Guest Post – Holiday Brisket Sandwich

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to my fellow Canadians! For those of you not eating turkey this weekend, here’s another great recipe from One Hungry Dude!

Whenever I cook for a holiday, I always try to make a bit extra for some leftovers. It allows me to get creative, and make a simple, tasty dish quickly the next night. So I was excited to turn the leftovers from the Rosh Hashanah Holiday Brisket into a hearty sandwich — and quite pleased with the delicious outcome.

Brisket Sandwich
• 3 Tbsp Margarine
• 1/4 Cup Leftover
Holiday Brisket Tomato Sauce
• Four slices of leftover
Holiday Brisket, cut into smaller chunks
• 4 to 6 Button Mushrooms
• 4 Slices
Challah Bread
• About 1/2 Cup Cheddar Cheese, grated
• Salt and Pepper, to taste

Place the margarine and tomato sauce in a small frying pan, and heat over medium-high. Add the brisket, and reduce heat by about half. Heat for about five minutes, then add the mushrooms. Cook until the mushrooms become tender, then take the brisket and mushrooms out of the pan and set aside. Place two slices of bread into the pan, then top with the brisket, mushrooms and a handful of cheese per sandwich. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, then cover with the remaining slices of bread. Bring the heat back up to medium-high, and when the bottom slices begin to brown, flip each sandwich. Once the other side reaches the same colouring, remove the sandwiches from the heat. Let sit for two to three minutes, then slice in half and serve.

This recipe yields two sandwiches.

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