Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Stampin' Up Thank You Card

This past weekend I went to my very first Stampin' Up demonstration where I learned to heat emboss, made a really pretty thank you card and had a great time!

Our demonstrator Kathleen showed us how to put together this butterfly thank you card from start to finish. Because I'm fairly crafty I was familiar with most of the tools and techniques but heat embossing was something new.

In order to create the butterfly I used a stamp and then sprinkled on embossing powder while the ink was still wet. The embossing powder was black with some glitter mixed in. The last step is use a heat gun - simply hold it over the embossing powder until it starts to change and set. You can tell it's finished when it gets the really shiny finish on it. View the full size of the picture to check it out.

It was free to attend the demonstration though I did some shopping at the end (of course!). I'd love to host one of my own but I just don't have enough crafty friends so I don't know who I would get to attend. The thought has crossed my mind to become a demonstrator myself but I have a feeling I'd end up spending more than I'd make. Guess I'll just have to wait for another invitation!

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