Thursday, April 14, 2011

DIY Ribbon Message Board

If cork is not your thing or you want a message board that matches your space then this simple project is for you! It takes very little time, money or effort to make yourself a pretty ribbon message board.

This came together so quickly that I didn't even think about progress pictures so hopefully my explanation will suffice. I started with the back of a picture frame - the board part that has the clips for hanging. Then I covered it with a layer of cotton batting underneath pink fabric and stapled that in place. The board is 24 inches long so I marked 6 inch intervals along the back and then wrapped pink ribbon around the board on a diagonal, hitting the 6 inch marks. I pinned the ribbon down and then want back the other way to make the diamond pattern. Again, I finished the ribbon by pinning it to the back of the board.

Next I used my Silhouette to cut little flowers in two different colours and then layered them on top of each other. I just used regular straight pins to attach them to the board and create "joints" so that my messages wouldn't just slide to the bottom.

And that's it! Seriously, this could not be easier and it's so much nicer than a cork board with pushpins. And because I used the back of a picture frame it will be super easy to hang up. I'm putting it up in the room with my craft supplies so it can be my inspiration board.

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