Monday, October 17, 2011

DIY Halloween Frames with Free Printables

I've been loving all the DIY Halloween frames and art that I've been seeing all over blogland and decided it was time to try some spooky frames of my own.

I started with cheap wooden frames from Michaels. I think they were about $2 each. I painted one grey and the other green - they took about two coats each.

Once they were dry I took two sizes of dollar store googly eyes and glued them on. I didn't have any particular pattern in mind - I just started with the big ones and then filled in the gaps with little ones. I used regular white craft glue for this and it worked fine but I had to give the eyes a while to really set before I could handle the frames.

The last step was to use black alphabet stickers to spell out "Boo" and "Eek" and the frames were done! All I had to do now was find something to put in them.

I did a Google search for free Halloween silhouettes and came up with the witch and cat. Then I loaded them into my My Memories software and dressed them up with some Halloween paper and embellishments. It was so easy to do and I think they turned out great! If you're interested in My Memories software check out my previous post for a discount code worth $20 in savings. Or if you'd rather just use my creations then click on the images below for the full sizes. I printed them out as 4x6s.

The frames and art have made a great addition to my Halloween decor this year. If you decide to use them in yours be sure to let me know so I can take a look :)

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  1. Those are really adorable! Great idea and great design.