Wednesday, October 5, 2011

DIY Halloween Luminaries

Looking for clever and easy ways to enhance my outdoor Halloween decorations this year I've fallen in love with luminaries! There are so many variations and you can make them from many different materials. And the best thing is that you probably have most of the materials already lying around your house. Here are a few of my favourites.

These luminaries are made with jars, mod podge, tissue and construction paper. Gleeful Things has a full tutorial. Love that pumpkin face!

These ghost luminaries are also made using jars but they are painted. Check out Family Corner for the simple instructions. Your kids could get involved by helping you to draw the faces.

I love that these luminaries look a bit fancier but are actually made with dollar store cylinder vases! Visit Me and My Bucket to see the full how-to.

If you like the idea of luminaries but you're not quite ready for Halloween then this paper bag variation is for you. Martha Stewart's site gives directions for making these with nothing but fallen leaves and some paint and water in a spray bottle. So simple!

I think I'll be raiding our recycling bin for glass jars when I get home tonight. I can't wait to line my porch with luminaries.

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  1. Some easy ideas for luminaries! Thanks ;) Digging the bat and green tissue paper one!