Thursday, October 13, 2011

DIY Ghost Vases

Remember my Upcycled Vase that I painted with white enamel? Well white vases and bottles make great ghosts!

If you tried the enamel project or you've got some milkglass on hand then you can create a ghost in under 60 seconds. Just cut out eyes and a mouth from black cardstock and tape them to your vase. And that's it! The best part is that, because the enamel is inside the vase, once Halloween is over you can easily remove the face without any damage.

I added a sparkly black ribbon and some Halloween flowers to my ghost. The flowers look a bit like some crazy hair.

I think this turned out super cute and it's so simple that your kids could definitely do this themselves. Now my lonely ghost just needs all my other Halloween decoration to join it!

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