Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Good Day for Mail

No party post this week because I've been too busy tonight opening packages. It was a good day for mail!

A while back I won a HomeSav giveaway from Wendy at Desire to Decorate and I used my credit to get a Smartek steamer. I waited a month and it finally arrived today. I have been steaming all my clothes tonight - I even did the living room drapes. I'm in love.

And another package arrived for me today. Did you happen to see the Box Sale happening over at the Sassafras blog? They were selling mystery boxes packed full of stuff for only $50 with shipping included. I had to pay $63 for it to ship to Canada but it was totally worth it. The box is stuffed with all kinds of awesome stuff and I can't wait to start crafting! I'll take pictures of everything I got and share it with you so you know to jump on the sale next year ;)

Don't you just love great mail?

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