Friday, May 13, 2011

Get Excited & Make Things

Lately I've found myself in a creative slump. I haven't had many crafty ideas and, instead of having a ton of things to post about, I'm racking my brain a lot of nights for something to share with you. It's partly to do with my busier than before schedule but I also think it has to do with lack of inspiration from upcoming special occasions. Easter and Mother's Day are over and everything Spring is already in place. Father's Day is coming up next month but I don't exactly decorate the house for that one! So what's a girl to do when she's run out of ideas? Look for some inspiration of course! And when I came across this variation of the Keep Calm & Carry On posters I knew I'd found what I needed.

Via Moleitau

It's a simple sentiment but it's one that I need to be reminded of when I find myself in a slump like this - I get a real kick out of making stuff! I do get excited when I come up with an idea for something new or I use someone else's tutorial to create something beautiful. Crafting and baking shouldn't be chores because they are things I love to do. Starting this weekend I'm going to remember that as I make all kinds of new and interesting things to show you in the coming weeks - and I hope you're still with me!

If you need the same reminder I do then head on over to The Blah Blah Blahg where you can download the free printable in 5 more colours.

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  1. Hey Sarah - have you ever been to There are a MILLION ideas of all sorts of crafts...oodles of inspiration for a crafty gal like you! (Also a whack of variations of the Keep Calm and Carry On - that you might enjoy!) :)