Saturday, June 30, 2012

Guest Post – Havarti, Honey & Tomato Grilled Cheese

Happy Canada Day weekend to all my fellow Canadians! Today’s recipe from One Hungry Dude was actually inspired by me. Well, not really but I did see something similar on Oprah several years back and continue to talk about how delicious it would be. So, if you love today’s twist on grilled cheese, I’ll accept your thanks ;)

Every once in awhile, you have to treat yourself. Havarti is not regularly in our refrigerator; we usually stick to cheddar, mozzarella and parmesan. So when I saw pre-sliced Havarti on sale at the grocery store last week, I quickly snatched some up. Havarti can have a somewhat sweet and sharp flavour, depending on the age of ripening — but it tends to blend well with many sweeter fruits and vegetables, like tomatoes, red peppers, and even cranberries.

• 8 slices of bread
• Margarine
• 8 slices of Havarti
• 8 to 12 slices of tomato
• Honey
• Salt and pepper, to taste

Spread margarine on one side of each slice of bread. Place half of the slices, margarine side down, on a griddle or large frying pan. Start building the sandwich by placing two slices of cheese on the bread. Drizzle honey on top of the cheese. Add two to three slices of tomato per sandwich, until the bread surface is mostly covered, and season with salt and pepper. Cover with the remaining bread slices. Heat over medium-high, flipping once when the bread becomes golden brown. Once the other side reaches the same colouring, remove the sandwiches from the heat. Let sit for two to three minutes, then slice in half and serve.

This recipe yields four sandwiches.

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