Thursday, May 10, 2012

Digital Scrapbooking for Baby

A while back, when I still pregnant, a purchased a Groupon deal for a photobook from Photobook Canada. It was a great value and I knew that we’d be taking tons of pictures once Nathan was born. The Groupon expires next month so I went to the website, downloaded the program and was disappointed to discover that none of the background papers or embellishments were my style at all! Not wanting the money I spent to go to waste I did a little thinking and realized that I could create complete digital scrapbook layouts and just add them to the photobook as full page photos – problem solved! It’s taking a lot more time than I had anticipated but I’m really excited for how the book will turn out.

Here’s one of the pages I’ve created so far.

Nathan Page 1

The best part about about digital scrapbooking is that there are a ton of freebies to be had if you’re willing to spend the time looking for them. For example, I made the page above with the free Deer and Darling Kit from Everyday Mom Ideas. It comes with all the papers and embellishments you need to create a ton of unique layouts. Julia has create a bunch of other free kits as well, all with great quality pieces!

Deer and Darling Kit preview

Google and Pinterest searches will yield of a lot of other great free supplies. And, if you can’t find what you need for free, the stuff you have to pay for really isn’t that expensive and you can use the pieces over and over.

For any scrappers reading, do you scrap digitally or the traditional paper way? Any freebie websites you’d like to share?



  1. I had the exact same problem with Photobook Canada! I hated their pages and didn't want to waste the money I'd spent on Groupon.

    Unfortunately I didn't come up with such a smart plan...and eventually my coupon expired. sad!

  2. Great page! Thanks for sending me a link!