Monday, April 2, 2012

Kusudama Spring Flowers

I love paper crafts and how easily you can make beautiful things with just a bit of folding and gluing. These kusudama flowers are a perfect example of how, in less than an hour and with less than one dollar you can create something lovely for spring. To make a single flower all you need are 5 3x3 inch square pieces of paper, some hot glue and a little patience.

Kusudama Flowers

They actually look a lot more complicated than they really are. I used this tutorial from Folding Trees and made my first flower in about 15 minutes. Essentially you fold 5 of the same shapes and then you glue them together like you see in the picture below. I used scrapbooking paper for my flowers because that’s what I had on hand but they would be easier and turn out more exact if you used something thinner like origami paper.

Single Flower

I’m going to add some stems to mine and make myself a pretty paper flower bouquet to add to my spring decor!



  1. I used the same instructions to learn how to make these a year ago and have altered them a bit and sell them on my Etsy shop
    Origami and kusudama flowers have become kind of a magnificent obsession for me. Good luck, you are well on your way to a paper adventure. Karen

  2. I am going to clarify the website here
    Do you have an Etsy shop? Your blog is just lovely