Thursday, April 26, 2012

Baby Name Wall Art

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve been here to post a craft – I hope there are some people still reading! Today I’m sharing some simple name wall art that I made for my baby’s room. This project was very easy to put together and I made it over the course of two naptimes.

Baby Name Art

To make your own you’ll need chipboard letters, paint, scrapbook paper, a length of ribbon, chipboard stickers/embellishments, scissors and glue.

I started by painting my chipboard letters blue. Once they were dry I cut out circles of scrapbook paper (you could do all one pattern but each of my letters is different) and glued them to the backs of my chipboard. The circles don’t need to be perfect since no one will ever see them up against a wall. Next I added some chipboard stickers to the fronts of my letters. You could use regular stickers but I liked having my embellishments overhang a bit.

Baby Name Art Close Up

Then I took my length of ribbon, folded over the top and glued it down to make a loop. You’ll need this for hanging. I took a large chipboard sticker and attached it to the ribbon, overtop of the loop I made. I thought this “Something to crow about” sticker was really cute but anything goes! Then I just hot glued my letters down the length of the ribbon, spacing them evenly. And that’s it!

Baby Name Art Top

To hang your ribbon just tie a little piece of curling ribbon through the larger ribbon’s loop and hang it on a finishing nail. This is a cute project to hang on a skinny bit of wall that won’t accommodate much else –  I’ll be hanging this next to Nathan’s closet.

Nathan is really starting to take more regular naps these days so I’m hoping that means I’ll have more projects to share soon!


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