Friday, February 3, 2012

My Baby's Room - Part I

In honour of my first day of maternity leave I thought I would share some pictures of the baby's room. I'm calling this post Part I since we still have to hang his art (from the wonderful Etsy seller Mateo & Tobias) and because there are some additional DIY projects that haven't made their way into the room yet so I will definitely have to follow up with a second post. I've already shared these pictures on my personal Facebook page so I apologize to all my friends who are also readers who aren't getting anything new out of me today!

This is the view from the doorway. It's not a large space so we kept furniture to a minimum. There is a dresser but it's just around the corner to the right - you can just see the end of it in this picture. The moses basket you see beside the crib has moved into our bedroom and we now have a wicker toy chest there - I'll be sure to include a picture of that in the next post.

I think one of my favourite things in the room is the jam cupboard in the picture above. It belonged to my Grandad who passed away last summer and I knew I wanted to make it a part of the baby's room. My mom had given me a set of woodland wall decals that I applied all over the cupboard which I think made it really cute and appropriate for a baby's room. The best part is that as my son grows we can just peel off the decals and he can continue to use the cupboard.

Hope you liked the peek into my little one's room. He's due to arrive in just two weeks so we'll be putting the finishing touches on the room soon and I'll be back to post Part II!

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