Thursday, February 9, 2012

Magnetic Calendar - February

I’d like to give myself a pat on the back for having February’s calendar ready to post so early in the month but first I have to remind myself that I have yet to complete January. Oops - there’s always next year! The good news is that last year I started this project with March so next month I can begin reusing the months. But back to February. Here it is in all its pink and red glory!

February Magnetic Calendar 

As I said, I started this project last March which was just the right time to load up on clearance Valentine’s Day stickers. I had no shortage of embellishments to work with this month. Here are a few close-ups so you can get a better look.

February Close Ups (2) February Close Ups February Close Ups (1)

Of course I’ll have to change out one square for my baby boy’s birthday – whenever he decides which day that is! The poor guy’s birthday month is looking pretty girly but I just couldn’t resist all the hearts. To see more of my calendar months or to learn more about how I made them you can click here. This calendar was a lot of work but now that this project is (mostly) completed I’m so glad I took the time to create it!

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