Friday, November 25, 2011

Christmas Project Round-up

With only a month left until Christmas I'm feeling woefully behind on my holiday crafting! I've got a few projects halfway finished (and taking up my entire dining room table) but nothing I've completed yet this year. But I've decided that no new crafts doesn't have to mean no new blog posts - today I'm bringing you a round-up of some of my Christmas projects from 2010. Whether you've seen these projects before or not, I hope they'll bring you some holiday inspiration. And stay tuned for all new crafts beginning next week!

1. Ribbon Christmas Tree 2. Newspaper Christmas Tree 3. Cookies in a Jar with Freebie Printable
4. Christmas Tag Magnets 5. Origami Christmas Trees 6. Paper Christmas Tree Garland

Have you started your Christmas crafting yet? What about your shopping??

1 comment:

  1. I haven't started Christmas crafting yet - just waiting for some supplies I ordered to arrive :-) And I got a whack of Christmas shopping done last weekend online. I LOVE shopping online - no crowded parking lots & malls to deal with :-)

    {Those peppermint oreos look really yummy! Have fun baking them :-) }