Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Party Perfect - DIY Paper Hearts

Sometimes the simplest of crafts can be so pretty and have such a big impact. For our wedding I made a ton of paper hearts that we hung on all the chairs along the aisle - it made for a whimsical homemade touch that showed my personality so well. But the best part was that they were incredibly easy to make!

Start with a piece of double-sided scrapbooking paper. Alternately, you could use pages from books - you just need to keep in mind that you'll see both sides of the paper. If you're using scrapbooking paper then cut the whole 12x12 sheet into 12 one inch strips. For each heart you'll need 3 strips. Cut one in half and cut the other two down to 10 inches each.

Next line up your strips. Put the long ones in the centre with the same pattern on the outside. Then line up your little strips at the bottom of the long ones also with the same pattern on the outside - just make sure it's the opposite pattern showing on your long strips. I hope that makes sense - if not refer to the picture!

Fold each of the little pieces down to meet the bottom of the strips.

Then fold the long pieces down as well. And there's your heart! Staple everything together where all the pieces meet. If your pattern is busy then you won't really see the staple but if you don't like the look if it then you can glue one of your scraps around the base to cover it.

I told you it was easy! Switch the direction of the patterns on your next heart to have it complement the first.

To hang them just string ribbon or twine through any of the loops. You can use them as pew markers like I did, incorporate them into your centrepieces or string a row together to make a pretty garland. And they're not just for weddings - use them to decorate your house for Valentine's day, or a birthday party or just hang them up all year round!

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