Monday, June 20, 2011

By the Batch - Barbecue Edition

Instead of being about a batch of cookies, this week's By the Batch post is about a batch of condiments - homemade condiments that we gave to my Dad for Father's Day! He's really hard to buy for so we decided that making him something was the way to go. And at this time of year he's all about his grill so anything you can spread on meat to make it yummy was sure to be a hit ;)

We made 5 different condiments (from BBQ sauce to mustard to relish) and bottled them in little jars that we bought at the Bulk Barn. I made little circle tags for each bottle and tied them on with string. Then we put all the bottles into long basket lined with rafia.

The last step was to affix the cute little tag I made with my Silhouette.

My Dad seemed to really enjoy the gift and he'll be able to enjoy it all summer long. Father's Day is over but maybe this can inspire you for next year!

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  1. Great job, Sarah and Chris. Dad will enjoy this wonderful gift all summer!!