Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cooling Down with Ice Cream

It is officially hot! With 30 degree temperatures (that feel like 40 with the humidity) and no air conditioning in our house, my husband Chris and I have resigned ourselves to evenings of watching TV in front of a fan. Even just sitting with a computer on my lap is causing me to break a sweat so I can guarantee that this will be a short entry!

One good thing about this heat wave is that it's a great excuse to indulge in ice cream. I feel like even thinking about it lowers my temperature a bit. If that's the case then I think I should be filling my house with ice cream related things. You might think that finding such things would be a challenge but, if you do, then you haven't spent much time on Etsy. Here are some of the awesome pieces that a search for "ice cream art" turned up!

 Willowcreeksigns makes these awesome wall art decal kits that I think would make a great addition to my kitchen. And at $19.99 they are completely affordable.

You can show your love of ice cream to the world by wearing this pendant from BlackDawgStudio. It's super sweet and made from vintage images.
I think this would make a cute gift for a little girl as well. It's only $10!

If your taste is a little more expensive you could always go with original paintings like these ones from RozArt ($135.00) or AnArtChoasmos ($50.00)

Lastly, my favourite search result is this set of adorable felt ice cream cones from FeltFoodFeast. At $18 for a set of four they would make the perfect addition to any little one's tea party. I like them so much I want to gather my own stuffed animals for a little get together just so I have a reason to buy the cones!

 So, what do you think? Feeling cooler yet?

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