Thursday, March 15, 2012

DIY Month by Month Baby Pictures

My baby is growing faster than I could have believed. Every day he changes and learns and amazes me. The time is going so quickly and I don’t want to forget how Nathan looked and acted at any given stage so I decided to take monthly pictures that I could put together in an album at the end of his first year. I know lots of people go to professional photographers for these kinds of pictures but, if you’re like me, that option is a bit too expensive. The good news is that there are a couple of easy ways to make these pictures memorable yourself. Here’s my 1 month collage for Nathan.

Nathan - 1 Month

First, I love the idea of including a number in the photo for how many months old your baby is. Parties by Hardie created monthly stickers/iron-ons that you can download for free or you can download cute monthly signs from Mom & Wife to hang in the background of your photos. We don’t have a colour printer so I went even simpler and just cut my number one out of scrapbook paper.

1065-550x713 Niner-563x730 

Second, it’s a great idea to choose a stuffed animal or other object and photograph your baby next to it each month. It’ll provide a sense of perspective so you can truly see how baby has grown. Alternately, you can photograph them on the same piece of furniture each month. Or you can do both like the adorable series over at Bunny and Dolly.


Last, I think it’s a nice idea to do a bit of journaling along with your photos marking some of your baby’s milestones, likes and dislikes. As you can see above, I did mine electronically but you can also print your photos and add some writing to them like in a scrapbooking layout

At the end of a year you’ll have a collection of photos and memories of your child to cherish for years to come!



  1. Sarah, this is such a great idea. It will be interesting next year to look at all the pictures.

  2. Thanks so much for featuring one of my monthly baby photos! When I look back at Levi's one month picture, I can't believe how small he was!