Friday, July 29, 2011

Easy Felt Flowers

A few weeks back I was at Michaels and saw some really cute felt flowers. I almost bought a few before I stopped and thought "I could totally make these". So instead I went to the felt aisle and bought some of that. Turns out I was right and these pretty little felt flowers are incredibly easy to make. One took me about 15 minutes!

You'll need 8 felt hearts - 4 small and 4 medium. I just free-handed the first of each size and then traced the rest. You'll also need something round for the centre of your flower. I used a Christmas ball since it was the right size and had a wire already attached for a stem but you could use anything round.

Start by hot gluing your small hearts evenly to your round centre.

Next glue your medium hearts underneath the layer of small hearts, filling in the gaps.

There are really no rules for how you attach your petals. My goal was to cover the base of the Christmas ball so that it looked more like a flower instead of a Christmas decoration with felt glued to it!

Since my ball already had wire attached, my flower was complete. You could hot glue wire or a pipe cleaner for a stem or don't even bother with a stem if you're going to put your flower on a wreath or similar. I'm displaying my pretty blue flower in one of my upcycled enamel bottles for now but I plan to make more for a new wreath I'm working on!

Happy long weekend to my fellow Canadians!

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